The Chicken World

The Schwedish Flower Hens in Ireland

A very warm Welcome to our homepage 

A little bit about us first

I started several years ago with 6 brown hybrid hens because I missed the taste of proper eggs from my childhood.  

 I never  thought much about Chickens before and the idea was born to get 6 chickens for eggs for us.
 I started reading a lot about them on the internet, started to build my first Chicken coop and picked 6 Ex Free Range Girls up.

I completely fell in love with them after the first day and just two months later two more hens and a Cockreal joined them, the Chicken virus had  me.
After my first Cockreal, a brown Leghorn called Wallace, started to be an a very unpleasant companion I searched for breeds where the Roosters are not as aggressive and found Swedish Flower Hens or Skånsk Blommehöna. 
I absolutely loved the colors and the description so I searched everywhere to find a breeder.
It took a while but I got my first eggs from Germany unfortunately
only one hatched, Solveig. 
But one was enough to absolutely fall  in love with the Swedes.
So I tried again and this time was a full success.

The most friendliest, quirkiest but on the same time independent and careful Chickens I have ever met. 
I keep a big mixed Flock as well but the Flower hens are completely different and my absolute favorites.
If you are looking for a Chicken which is not only beautiful, a good egg layer but as well for a very healthy and friendly but on the same time very independent chicken, 
the Swedish Flower Hens are the one for you.

I have now a Flock of 38 Hens together with 8 Roosters, from 7 different lines from Austria, Germany and from the original area of Skane in Sweden to keep the genetics as wide as possible.
We are trying to breed as close as possible to the Swedish gene bank Guidelines.
One of my Cockreals was featured In this years Calendar of the swedish breeders association , the Svenska  Lanthonsklubben.
The only one outside of Sweden.

During breeding season we will have hatching eggs available and later in the year a few point of lay pullets and roosters, this year though I will not hatch much as I am concentrating on my Soap business